The Hilton Head Hop

Tim and I always enjoy a long weekend in the mountains, but it was a good plan to recharge our batteries at the beach this Fall. For the Midwest or north coast travelers, Hilton Head Island is one of the best beaches and tourist attractions along the warm coast. Although the Air BnB stats are a favorite, there is enough beach front property done well by large hotel brands that swayed our choice. Marriott Surfwatch was our pick.

Day One- Hilton Head doesn’t have a major airport close by but a regional airport, Savannah Hilton Head has 15 gates. For mostly everyone it is a two stop airplane ride and a three hour drive, or a 10-15 hour ride, so two days of your week long getaway are all about getting their and home. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

Day Two – Great Beach Day! After a long day of travel, your first day should focus on rest and relaxation. It is Time to get acclimated to your surroundings. Check out the local beaches, and refresh and recharge with a walk along the shoreline. Scout out the local happy hours and enjoy some chill time. Do a search on whether there is a local bar that supports your state. Hilton Head has many transplants and you will find someone who supports your local teams.

Day 3 – Savannah is a forty five minute drive and an interesting day or half-day trip. Once you drive over the Suspended bridge, you have arrived. You will see signs to the Historic District and River Street. A walk along some of the east-west streets near the River will provide you a tour of 4 or more historical squares, filled with fountains, statues and beautiful lush greenery and walkways. If you aren’t in the mood for a walk, a ride will help you to see 14 or more squares. You can then take any of the historic stone steps to the River Street waterfront. The waterfront is home to dozens of bars and restaurants. I recommend Baracuda Bob’s grill for lunch. Stop in and purchase salt water taffy and affectionaries such as pralines.

Day 4 – I recommend for Day 4 a combination of beach and pool, with a focus on fitness, combined with an excursion that will pack in the memories. Hilton Head beaches are some of the widest, most walkable beaches in the U.S. An east coast sunrise 2-3 mile hike on the beach will boost your energy and leave you invigorated for the day ahead. Be sure to pack a light jacket and water, and leave your flip flops behind and opt for a good pair of tennis shoes. Late morning sound better? You can cover the distance through a bike rental.

Some of my favorite island excursions include a late afternoon cruise, and a locally hosted wine tasting hop. Trip Advisor is your best bet for finding local guides, and because of the many relocated families in HHI, you may just find a company to support that is originally from your home town! Need that last minute souvenir, try the Salty Dog Cafe in Bluffton, just a 20 minutes drive south.

Day 5 – Unfortunately Day 5 is going to look a lot like Day One, and this means you will likely be leaving any coastal city early toward a major highway. But hopefully you had enough relaxation and ocean breeze topped off with a margarita to make your trip worthwhile!


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