Interested in telling our fans what excites your customers about your B&B or brewery?

Advertisers can submit a request for posting on Bed Breakfast and Brew by filling out a form describing your B&B or Brewery.  Your site must be rated at four stars or better on TripAdvisor, Bookings.Com or Yelp with at least ten or more reviews in order to be included, and have been in business for over one year.  Once reviewed and accepted, advertisers will be required to make a small initial contribution to support HlpSum1, Inc,  a for profit corporation that encourages volunteerism and life coaching.  Contributions accepted via PayPal.  Advertisers will be included for a one year period, but can reapply.

Certain establishments are Featured Establishments of which the author was a customer.  These sites will be included at no charge based on author’s discretion. Descriptions our solely the view of the author without consultation by the establishment.  Advertisers are viewed differently, as author makes no claims on service, quality or value of advertisers.

The Advertiser feature is currently  under construction.  For more information, contact us at, and you will be sent a notice as soon as this feature is enabled.

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